Eco-solvent ink

Eco-solvent ink for digital printer,high quality output

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    1. Import high grade raw material, fluent printing, do not hurt the printhead, no jam to printhead.suitable for high speed and continuous printing.

    2. Special color revise management, bright color in picture, reducibility is nice.

    3. Moderate rate of drying, good compatibility, nice stability, no rough edge, and satisfy  customer’s needs.

    4. Waterproof ,sunshine resistant and keep long time without fading.

    5.Water base formula, no toxicity, no chemical hazards, no environment  pollution.

    6.These series ink is used for advertising inkjet printer, MK color ink tone is deep enough, can reach 3.6D, can satisfy the need for print plate making. 

    Technical Parameters


    Eco-solvent  ink

    Packing size

    100ml 250ml 500ml 1000ml 5L 20L etc


    4 Liters (sample order is acceptable)


    18months (if opened, please use within 3-6months)





    ♣ Perfect printing performance, Color vivid, Wide color gamut, closer to the kind;

    ♣No smell, Harmless to health, Environmental protection;

    ♣ Waterproof, sunshine resistance, anti- uv resistance, fadedness

    ♣ Imported raw materials of toner, scientific manufacture technology, advanced production equipment, modern  management process promised high quality product;

    ♣ Reasonable prices, 95% near to original quality, save your money more than 90%;

    ♣ Ink particles less than 2um,6-8 times 2500 mesh filter, never clog your printhead;

    ♣ High evaluation throughout the world,proved by hundreds of test and widely customer use



    BOMA Tips

    ♥ Avoid contact with skin;

    ♥ Do not consume;

    ♥ Please wash your hands after using;

    ♥Store in a dry place, keep away from direct sunlight;

    ♥ Don't mix with other kind of ink when use;

    ♥ In the first time, please full clear the print head and ink pipeline in the printer.


    1. This product is just used for the professional person, Unprofessional person please use the  product under the instruction .
    2. Please keet it out of children.
    3. Keep it far from the flame, avoid the overheat and the sunshine straight.

    4. Do not swallow, breathe in , and splash into eyes.

    5. Only can be used in the room with good ventilation.

    6. Store in the ventitive, dry and cool places.

    7. Shake the bottle at about 30 seconds before use.