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UV Ink For Large Format Inkjet Printer ,UV Ink Detailed Information

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    1. UV ink should be stored in black, sealed container, put into somewhere schattig and dry, avoid direct sunlight, keep away from fire.

    2. Avoiding eye contacting uncured ink, if not carefully into eyes, use tissue to scrub first, then use soap to wash. If seriously, go to hospital immediately.
    3. Before using ink, professional person should use our company dedicated UV cleaning solution to clean, then using our Company UV ink into printer, can not use UV cleaning solution which is not our company.
    4. Before using UV ink, please stir to clean.
    5. Before using different printing medium, please make sure printing medium is clean and dry.
    6. UV ink is corrosive strongly, please choose corrosion resistant ink system,damper, print head and so on printer parts.
    7. Regarding for Epson LED Series, please print under normal temperature.
    But to industry print head, please heat print head to 38-40℃ to print.

    Technical Parameters

    Product name

    UV ink

    Suitable area

    Inkjet printers


    Available for 500ml, 1liter,packing

    Print on

    Plastic, Ceramic, PP,PU,ABS,Glass, Wood...all material printing 


    LNXWO brand or Neutral or Customize packing

    Product life

    12 months

    Lead time

    About 1-3.working days after payment received


    DHL/ Fedex / By Sea


    T/T, PayPal or Western Union


    1. This product is just used for the professional person, Unprofessional person please use the  product under the instruction .
    2. Please keet it out of children.
    3. Keep it far from the flame, avoid the overheat and the sunshine straight.

    4. Do not swallow, breathe in , and splash into eyes.

    5. Only can be used in the room with good ventilation.

    6. Store in the ventitive, dry and cool places.

    7. shake the bottle at about 30 seconds before use.