ICAN-3200P Printer

3200P Large Format Printer With High Resolution That Up to 1880 dpi,4 original GH2220 printhead

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  • 3200P Large Format Printer Introduction


    1. Adopt 4 original GH2220 printhead, which with high output quality that up to 1880 DPI. 

    2. Staggered arrangement printing can imporve the productivity. The printing speed can be 45m2/h in 4 pass under the staggered arrangement printing mode.

    3. Adopt New Variable Droplet Control Technology, which achieve the three grayscale to make the printing more delicate and accurate. It can output the perfect printing with VSD technology even in high speed or low resolution.

    4. With separately front and back heating system.

    5. With automatic Media release and take-up system.

    6. The height of printhead can be adjustable according to the thickness of media from 1.5mm to 8mm, to ensure the good spary quality.

    7. Adopt the well-known brand rails, to ensure the movement of carrier to be more stable, with longer life-time and be quieter.

    8. Adopt Three Intelligent Eclosion Print Function, which can eliminate the broken picture and make the printing more perfect and delicate. 

    9. With Automatic Ink Maintenance station. The automatic self-designed absorbing device with simple operation is convenient for mantaining, And the automatic up / down sucking ink function can reduce to wast of ink.

    10. Using Hight-power servo DC motor for X, Y axis to ensure accurate transmission.

    11. Using High-speed USB interface, which can be up to 480m/s speed of maximum transmission.

    12. Using Industrial Circuit Design to ensure the reliable and stable circuit. Good designs as high-capacity automatic ink supply system and so on, ensure the overall stability of the machine which make it become your right hand.

    13. Automatic cleaning system have been installed

    Technical Parameters




    Print Head

    Ricoh GH2220

    Ricoh GH2220

    Print Head's Quantity



    The Maximum Print Size



    Print Speed of the Head

    4pass15/h 6pass12/h

    4pass30/h 6pass24/h

    8pass:9/h 12pass: 7/h

    8pass:15/h 12pass: 9/h


    Color Type

    cmyk) UV Ink

    cmyk) UV Ink

    Ink Supply System

    Use with 1.2 L large ink bottle, continuous ink system, negative pressure ink


    Print Width


    Print Materials

    PP, Photographic Paper, Indoor Light Fabric, Drafting Paper, Vinyl Sheet, Canvas, SAV, Heat Transfer Paper, Reflecting Material and act.

    Special Function

    The Height of Print Head

    Distance from the medium with 2-8 mm stepless adjustable

    Heating System

    Embedded intelligent heating system

    Media Absorb System

    Suction and Absorbing system with stepless adjustable

    Cloth Feeding System

    IncludeWeight: 60KGS

    Print Head Automatic Cleaning System

    Automatic, manual cleaning with anti-blocking flash spray function and moisturizing function

    Un-warpped Pressing Paper

    Combination of uniform resistance un-wrapped pressing papers

    Automatic Collecting System

    Heavy Collecting System: 60KGS



    RIP Software

    MainTopPhoto printUltraprint




    Package Size510X880X1270(mm); Gross Weight580KG