How to install the photo ink cartridge?


 To install the printer cartridge correctly:

1, the installation nozzle, you must follow the instructions in the note, thrown off the stomatal seal, but do not arbitrarily peeled off the other seals, otherwise the ink will leak

2, each time you install a new machine nozzle, the general cleaning head 3-5 times (at least wash the print head at least once)

3, when any nozzle without ink or not installed, even if there are other ink in the nozzle, photo machine can not work

4, the new nozzle once the machine, before replacing the nozzle is best not to remove

5, unless you want to replace the nozzle, do not open the nozzle protection folder, or nozzle may not be used

6, do not work in the photo machine into the photo machine or touch the nozzle