Epson nozzle cleaning method


Long time Do not use the printer, the nozzle part of the ink may be dry, will result in printing or printing ineffective. Most of the ink system is a small bubble, it is easy to make ink channel into the ink hole to form an air barrier, resulting in nozzle ink interruption. Resulting in white lines when printing, the general should be promptly nozzle cleaning. Cleaning nozzles should pay attention to the method, for not serious, cleaning 1-2 times can be resolved. If not, it is best to put a half-day cleaning. All cleaning nozzles 1, to print the nozzle test chart to see, in the end is a great wash or more to wash the more white, broken more.

Treatment is also a variety of methods, generally in accordance with such a procedure:

1. Perform nozzle cleaning while confirming that the ink is sufficient. Print Check the nozzle test page. If there is still broken, repeat the nozzle cleaning, up to 3 times. If not, place a half-day after the print nozzle test page, clean again.

2, if it is not OK to remove the cartridge inspection, whether the ink cartridge outlet leak? Out of ink mouth apron deformation? Is there ink? Or replace the cartridge (or the original cartridge) repeat step one.

3, to determine the cartridge is no problem, you can use syringes in the cleaning unit word seat filled with cleaning fluid, the word car home immersion nozzle, about 20 minutes. Note that different cleaning solution, prolonged immersion may damage the nozzle. Start the print nozzle inspection, or perform a print head cleaning 1 to 2 times, you can also place a few hours after the print test.

4, such as the immersion can not be completely cleaned, can also be used to fill the nozzle cleaning fluid syringe sets of hose (available rubber valve core), in the nozzle into the ink column light pumping, pumping does not move in the nozzle block. At this time the nozzle is negative pressure, light pumping about, stop, the cleaning fluid will gradually enter the nozzle, usually pumping about 7, 8 times can twitch. Once can twitch, should first be inside the ink out, remove the hose set in the nozzle, with pure water cleaning barrel and hose, and then take 1-3 ml nozzle cleaning fluid, light pressure nozzle into the ink column , So placed after soaking a few hours can basically all pass. Before pressing in the cleaning fluid, the print head is usually homing, so that the pressure of the cleaning fluid from the printer waste ink flow away. If the print head inconvenient homing, it is best in the nozzle under the plastic paper (plastic paper to pad level, can not friction to the nozzle), press the cleaning fluid immediately after removing the print head, wipe the water below.

5, how pumping is not OK, it will only remove the nozzle to deal with, usually in the plate first bubble nozzles, bubble nozzles can use cleaning fluid or purified water.

And then on the ultrasonic cleaning machine super-nozzle (generally repair the printer business has an ultrasonic cleaning machine), according to the size of the power of ultrasound, time can not be long, 100W about 2 seconds 1, 3 times after the pump with a syringe pump, As long as the general can no longer use the ultra-ultrasonic cleaning machine. Said above, 3,4, try not to use.

Manual cleaning Note: In the cleaning of a variety of print head operation, the most easily overlooked is particularly important is: can not use water immersion, nor let water, ink and cleaning fluid flow to the circuit board and its back (water also Can flow from the fixed ink cartridges). If the circuit is not careful part of the water or ink, dip with paper towels should also be placed a few days after the installation of print head. Do not touch the circuit contact area, otherwise it may burn the print head circuit. Many novice have experienced the profound lessons of burning head, remember!

Ultrasonic cleaning method and precautions for the print head:

1, can only clean Epson's head, the other not.

2, if the plug is very serious, you can let the nozzle inside the nozzle cleaning fluid soak for 10 minutes, so the cleaning effect is a certain benefit. Put the point of pure water to open the switch (nozzle cleaning fluid effect will be better), hand holding the print head, the print head only the bottom layer of nozzle (steel part) immersed in water, 20 to 30 seconds or so out, Of the ultrasonic machine time varies.

3, with a syringe set of hose (valve core) to suppress pure water test, see the waterline is complete straight, clean the nozzle while cleaning fluid to prevent corrosion of the print head.

4, the number of cleaning not more than 3 times. After cleaning it is best not to immediately use the machine (you can place 24 hours on the machine, to avoid the print head water and cause the print head or motherboard burned).

5, the print head installed, in order to clean the nozzle inside the excess cleaning fluid, and make the ink completely filled with print head, first of all to clean the print head.

6, ultrasound on the print head has some damage, not a long time or often used.

Introduction of cleaning liquid for printhead

Spray head cleaning solution mainly divided into dye-based (water) and pigment type (oily, weak solvent, solvent-based) two categories, the best advice to buy.

General desktop printers (such as Canon) are mostly water-based ink, you can use the water-based cleaning fluid, Dr. Red Dr (DrCleaner-VI) effect is very good. Currently on the market sales of most of the printer with water-based cleaning fluid.

HP, Lexmark part of the printer using waterproof ink, use oily cleaning fluid. There are many large inkjet printer using weak solvent ink, you have to use weak solvent cleaning fluid, strong solvent ink using strong solvent cleaning fluid. Weak solvent cleaning solution on the nozzle and its components, if a strong solvent cleaning solvent weak solvent ink, will affect the nozzle components, can not determine the best use of weak solvent cleaning solution. Solvent-based ink If you use water-based cleaning fluid, will cause more serious plug.