Attentions of using piezoelectric photo machine


1,Can not hot plug the print line while charging, otherwise it will cause damage to the motherboard.
2,Pay attention to clean nozzle do not wipe, ink can use no hair removal cloth or good quality paper towel to absorb glue dry, or may cause ink hole blockage.
3, The machine must be connected to ground, when the dry air, static problems should not be ignored, when using some lamination and light medium, take electrostatic charge especially when into the paper work soon. Electrostatic charge can lead to the machine and nozzle security is damaged, will take the earth wire electrostatic release is one way. Because the body itself is a huge static power, so when charged manipulation of the nozzle, to ensure that the hands have discharge (contact grounding metal body or wear in addition to electrostatic bracelet), otherwise easy to cause damage of individual ink dot.
Grounding requirements and methods:
A. Grounding wire should be a strong mechanical single-strand copper wire or flexible line.
B. The grounding point can not be shared with the ground wire of the building lightning rod.
C. Both ends of the wire should be soldered to the on-line pin, one end of which is bolted to the bottom of the metal of the machine control panel, the other end is connected to the ground wire of the building or the water pipe buried in the underground (attention is paid to whether its conductivity is good or not) . In the case of severe electrostatic, can be connected to a number of ground methods.
4, Ink supply system for large ink cartridges should be maintained around 1/2-3/4, ink tube should not have bubbles, the new nozzle should be installed before installing 20ml ink, otherwise it may cause no ink or ink leakage.
5, Forward and backward retreat paper, do not hold a key forward or backward too long time, the key should be no more than 10 seconds, pause and then inheritance, otherwise it will cause damage to the stepper motor or motherboard.
6, Half-way control of the nozzle, be sure not to let the ink splashed into the car on the motherboard, nozzle after reset, observe the car parking table, optical axis, grating (especially) have no pollution of ink, if there has ink stains , it should be immediately set To clean up.
7, Should be timely cleaning filter large ink residue in cylinder, in order to prevent precipitation into the blockage at the bottom of the pipe and the nozzle.
8, The operation staff to form a good habit of doing the log (especially when the shift), record the machine at different temperatures, humidity and other weather, in a variety of paper and print mode, as well as a variety of specific parameters for various Printer file printing, summarize the best work experience.
Above is the piezoelectric photo machine daily maintenance needs, we hope to be useful to everyone.