Piezoelectric photo machine nozzle installation methods and precautions


 Installation Method and Precautions of Piezoelectric Photo Machine
1, the installation of piezoelectric photo machine nozzle is very important, the main reason is that the nozzle is more expensive, more delicate spray nozzle, installation errors may greatly affect the normal print state of the piezoelectric nozzle! That is a slight mistake will lead to damage to your nozzle! So it is necessary to talk about micro-piezoelectric photo machine nozzle installation precautions!
2, the installation of piezoelectric nozzle, the first to ensure that the machine is a normal movement, the machine is connected to the ground is perfect, the car board voltage is normal, nozzle supply voltage is normal! The easiest way is to use a multimeter to measure whether there is static electricity on the machine, car board voltage, and the nozzle supply voltage, the general Epson fifth generation nozzle supply voltage of 42V DC!
3, with the software testing machine all aspects of movement is normal, grating readings are normal, the indicator is normal! Installed before the installer's hands to touch the conductive body for hands discharge, the operator's hand can not have sweat or water vapor, because the touch to the nozzle line plug once plugged nozzle may lead to nozzle short-circuit! Also remember not to wear plastic cloth easy to play static clothing, preferably with both hands with an electrostatic ring in the conditions permitting. The installation must first turn off the power, and unplug the power cord to carry out!
4, the general nozzle is not less than two nozzle data line, check the thread of the thread is tilted pin, is flat, it is best to use the new plug, plug in the plug with the plug, do not plug firmly There is no inclination. Head line of the head scale is generally divided into positive and negative sides, one side of contact with the circuit, the other side does not touch the circuit, the direction not to mistake, be sure to check several times after plugging in, confirm that there is no problem in the nozzle mounted on the small frame.
5, the nozzle line connection Trolley board: First, the machine off the power supply in case of no electricity to operate! Can not be wrong position, the nozzle out of the corresponding position of the line must be clear and then hands-on, there are hesitant or not sure can not be installed first try, be sure to consult the manufacturer or ask for the correct position of the picture line, Before the photographed for another line are marked on each line! To prevent the plug when no start! Because the consequences will be very serious, once the possibility of error burner is very high, because the nozzle line function is not the same, plug the wrong is bound to burn head! There is the direction of the insertion of the thread can not be anti-out, once inserted anti-Although that may not burn head, but there is a chance. Plug in the line must be more than check.
6, all installed after checking three to five times to confirm there is no problem after the power, the best nozzle first not to open, with the ink pump ink cited over, and then open nozzle power, if the machine on a power switch, Check whether the normal flash jet, flash jet normal installation proved successful. Flash jet is not working Please turn off the power immediately to check whether there is a problem elsewhere, this is to confirm the status of the new nozzle.
7, the installation nozzle must be careful, before the installation of the work that can not be less, and to order clear Caixing.
8, installed before the nozzle is a new nozzle is also critical.
9, when the ink cartridges do not let the ink drops to the data line, because the ink flows down along the data line will go directly into the circuit, into the circuit may cause short-circuit direct burn head.
10, piezoelectric photo machine nozzle normal life of about 1 and a half years. Select high-quality ink, while paying more attention to maintaining the machine and nozzle, to extend the life of the nozzle.