The properly reason of Photo machine car is not operational



 First, the computer is not set up the ECP print side: the computer restart, press the DEL key to enter the COMS settings, enter the INTEGRATED PERIPHERALS option, set the Parallel Port Mode to ECP (Note: must be the standard ECP, But not the EPP, SPP or ECP / EPP), and finally save and exit the BIOS, then the computer will restart the windows system automatically detects the ECP print port and install the driver for you, you can use ECP print port Delivered to tell the transmission performance. You can open the "My Computer" -> "Properties" -> "Hardware" tab -> "Device Manager" -> "port", if there is "ECP Printer Port (LTP1)", that you have set to make.

 Second, the photo machine print line is too long or poor contact with the machine: replace the print line, print line not too long.

Third, the computer did not detect the ECP printer port: replace the use of intel chipset computer motherboard, because only intel chipset can let windows recognize the standard ECP print port.

Fourth, the optical axis is dirty: replace the copper ring or apply clean oil to maintain lubrication.