The reasons and solutions when inkjet printer has no ink appears



1, the nozzle does not have enough ink (20ml) ink cartridges too much or too little will lead to the machine off the ink

2, the pipeline or fast joints poor

3, the nozzle clogged

4, preheating is not enough

5, trolley board temperature is too high easily lead to the machine off the ink

6, you can replace the ink bag sequence, if the exchange is still the same place off the ink, then there may be burner circuit burned

7, not the right to pump the ink nozzle, ink is caused by one of the main reasons


1, the ink inside the ink cartridge must be poured into the height of two-thirds of the right to do ink head cleaning pump pumping, please strictly according to 30 degrees beveled ink, not long suction, as long as the alignment suction mouth, gently Click, so that the ink slowly flows to the heating head of the ink head (between the micro-net and the jet wafer between the small cavity), and heating the air out of the warehouse, so you can ensure that the heating head does not exist The negative pressure ink can be smoothly sprayed onto the screen. While ensuring that the nozzle has about 20ml of ink.

2, the ink head and the regular scratch the paper to make the gradual erosion of the outer jet jet protection gum, ink ink to accelerate the death of the first point.

3, the media static electricity and not properly so that the machine and the computer at the same time easy to ground lead to burn head, static electricity also caused by drops of ink and ink splash.

4 Rinse the pipe, turn the top spring in the quick connector 90 °, or replace the new quick connector, or try to remove the top spring in the quick connector lumen (the symptom is generally below 4PASS, abrupt breakage of the carriage 5 , Stop, playing cleaning strip, still not out of ink, with pumping ink pumping about, the ink is normal), but the above rare.

5, the ink quality is not pure, causing the ink head metal filter (anatomical waste ink head can be seen) on the impurity deposition, according to the specific circumstances of cleaning or pierce the metal mesh to continue to use. The symptoms showed a gradual off the ink, stop, playing cleaning strips, not ink, that is normal.

6, the regular cleaning of large ink tank within the filter residue.


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